New England native Ed Kenney is a fine art photographer specializing in landscape and wildlife photography. Since early childhood there have been few times in his life when a camera was not close at hand. The gift of a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye at the age of nine helped ignite a life-long passion to stop time through the creation of arresting images of places and living things.

Over the years his equipment became more sophisticated. The box camera was replaced by 35mm rangefinders – and they gave way to a long series of single lens reflex cameras. The progression continued with the adoption of a medium format system, and soon afterwards a 4x5 view camera. The use of somewhat less portable equipment led to a more contemplative approach to his photography – particularly landscapes and abstracts. His current work is done primarily with digital equipment – however he occasionally exposes a few sheets in a view camera to – as he says: "keep myself grounded".

Although Ed has traveled extensively in search of memorable images, his favorite location is coastal Maine. With approximately 3500 miles of sandy beaches, islands, rocky cliffs, spruce forests, and picturesque harbors, the largest of the New England states offers four distinct seasons and a target-rich environment for a photographer.

Ed lives on the Maine coast in the small town of Owls Head, with his wife Ruth and a Patagonian sheep dog that, with the help of a Chilean guide, he rescued late one winter's night from the streets of Punta Arenas. Recent exhibitions of his work took place at Morso in Gig Harbor, Washington, and at the headquarters of the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge in Rockland, Maine. He is currently at work on two book projects: a portfolio of the Maine coast in winter, and a fifty-year retrospective.

Tintype photograph of Ed and Chupe ©2015 Kari Wehrs,

Ed's new book: The Winter Coast of Maine

Coming in May, 2021: The Winter Coast of Maine, a book celebrating the beauty of Maine’s rugged coast in a season seldom seen by tourists. With Foreword by Sam Abell. Available now for preorder on

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